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Friday, 8 October 2010

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Soap

This is my favourite luxury soap! It is made using Venezualan Black chocolate from Mr Willy Wonka himself (those of you in the UK may have seen the Channel Four tv programme about this incredible man setting up his chocolate factory in Devon and taking on the big boys). since Mr Willy Harcourt-Cooze puts chocolate in just about everything, I thought I would put it in soap (but not too much since the chocolate is divine (and a bit expensive) and its a bit of a waste!... but certainly less calories!) Oh and its also gorgeous on your skin!


Virgin (the best you can buy!) Coconut oil = 420grams

Virgin (fair trade/sustainable source) Palm oil = 290grams

Extra Virgin Olive oil = 240grams

Venezualan Black Chocolate = 20grams

Water = 250 grams

Sodium Hydroxide = 140grams

Don't forget the basic safety instructions.

You add the chocolate to the solid oils and melt them together. Otherwise follow the basic soap making instructions which you will find here.

Essential oils or fragrance is totally wasted in soap making recipes with raw ingredients as beautiful as these, please don't be tempted to add it. The smell of the fragrance would be distorted by the smell of the chocolate and other raw ingredients anyway. This amazing quality chocolate deserves only the best ingredients, hence I used Virgin coconut and Palm. The finished bar gave brown lather for a little while but that soon stopped and it was just wonderful creamy white bubbles - I suspect that it was so rich it simply needed a couple of extra weeks curing. You can buy Venezuelan Black here. It's a fun website too! If you are tempted to substitute the chocolate with another brand, make sure it's of a similar quality and cacao content or you won't get the same wonderful results!

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