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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

No New Posts

OK so I did think that I would be able to keep up with this  for at least a bit longer.  I still have recipes to share and I still dabble with the beauty regime etc... however, life has a habit of taking over sometimes and I am one year in to a project that is looking like it will take ten to fifteen years to come to fruition.  And I simply don't have the focus for the soap teacher anymore.


I might still run the occasional soap course should I get some serious requests from people who are prepared to navigate their way to my finca here in Spain.

But if you are at all interested in what I am doing in the real world, do pop over to Technobillies or Food from the Finca and check it out.

If you fancy an eco friendly holiday in deepest darkest Spain then contact me via the Technobillies website, or if you would like to come and help our project along by providing some voluntary work in return for bed and board then email me at jlegalloudec at googlemail dot com.  We are always looking for volunteers for the olive and fig harvest.