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Friday, 8 October 2010

Suggested Essential Oil Blends for Soap

strong or Masculine Blends

Ginger = 3 parts

Frankincense = 8 parts

Bergamot = 8 parts

Juniper = 2 parts

Geranium = 3 parts

Cypress = 2 parts

Juniper = 4 parts

Mandarin = 2 parts

Juniper = 3 parts

Delicate non-flowery Blends

Sandalwood = 2 parts

Rosewood = 3 parts

Peppermint = 2 parts

Lavender = 3 parts

Cedarwood = 2 parts

Lavender = 3 parts

Geranium = 4 parts

Patchouli = 1 part

Feminine Scents

Ylang Ylang = 2 parts

Geranium = 3 parts

Shampoo Bar Blends

Rosemary = 6 parts

Lavender = 4 parts

Lavender = 6 parts

Geranium = 4 parts

Tea Tree = 2 parts

Rosemary = 4 parts

Lavender = 4 parts

In general the citrus oils do not hold well in natural soap - you can try anchoring the light citrus smell by the inclusion of a more base note oil - however this then changes the citrus smell somewhat. If you want a true citrus smelling soap you will need to look at using a fragrance oil. See my post on Fragrance Oils vs Essential Oils. Sometimes you can get the volatile top note citrus smell to linger for longer by anchoring it to a deeper note such as the following: (Mind you they no longer smell like true citrus scents)

Orange = 4 parts

Lavender = 4 parts

Geranium = 2 parts

Lemon = 4 parts

Cedarwood = 2 parts

Cypress = 4 parts

The type of base oils and the method you use for soap making will have an effect upon the final scent of your soap. This is all part of the fun of making soap.


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  2. I found your post by searching soap making essential oil blends on google. Thank you for your post! I hope to try some of these!!!!

  3. these sound great, thanks for sharing. I have had a lot of success anchoring citrus notes using orris root powder. although it does change the colour of the soap, the delightful smell remains.


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