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Friday, 29 October 2010

Skincare Oils and their Benefits in Homemade Beauty Recipes

This list of commonly used skincare oils is not exhaustive. New and exotic oils are constantly being found and made available to those making their own homemade beauty recipes.
Many of these oils have amazing anti-wrinkle or anti aging properties, other's contain therapeutic ingredients that do wonders for particular problem skin. With a little basic knowledge of which oils to use you can make lots of different products from baby creams to a simple balm or a sophisticated moisturiser.  You should check with your suppliers regularly for new products and ask them for lots of information, they should be, after all, the experts.

You will see from the list of skincare oils below that it isn't just the exotic varieties that contain the beneficial properties. Even the humble sunflower or olive oil that we take for granted has a great deal to offer the DIY cosmetic formulator.
The breakdown of the skincare oils is as follows: name of oil followed by the most suitable skin type and then the oils specific properties.

Avocado All skin types (problem)Healing, anti-bacterial and anti aging, softening. Very deep penetrating oil. Excellent base for ointments for treating lacerations, dermatitis, acne.Sea Buckthorn Fruit All skin types (damaged) Unique anti aging, skin softening, nourishing. Helps protect against sun damage. Excellent anti oxidant, soothes irritation and improves barrier protection of the skin. Dilute because it is strongly coloured.
Sea Buckthorn Seed All skin types (aging) Tissue regeneration and healing, analgesic and anti inflammatory, moisture regulator and anti oxidant. Dilute becuseit is strongly coloured.
Macadamia Mature, Dry & Sensitive skin Unique properties very similar to sebum of human skin making it easily absorbed. Soothing and emollient.
Rosehip SeedVery dry or very oily, damaged. Very effective in skin treatments, useful for treating scars, blemishes, burns, aging and sun damage. Dilute.
Wheatgerm Dry, Mature. Acne. Very rich source of natural vitamin E, reduces skin dryness and improves overall complexion.
Argan Damaged skin. Soothing and moisturising. Anti wrinkle. Protects weather damaged skin (sun, wind and cold), Soothes dry excema, chicken pox, psoriasis and acne. Useful for prevention of stretch marks and healing of scar tissue.
Jojoba (this is not officially a skincare oil as jojoba is in fact a liquid wax)All skin types. Moisturising and hydrating without greasiness. Long history of use in hair and skin care.
Hemp Normal to dry (and problem) Emollient, skin softening, promotes healing, anti inflammatory, can relieve itchy scalp, shines hair.
Sesame All skin types Penetrates skin easily, nourishing and detoxifying deep tissue layers. Moisturises and promotes healthy skin.
Black Cumin All skin types (problem) Detoxifying, healing, anti inflammatory, useful for treating allergic reactions and inflamed acne. Dilute.
Hazelnut Mature or Aging Rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins, easily absorbed, tones and tightens, imparts firmness and elasticity, encourages cell regeneration. Dilute.
Evening Primrose Dry or aging. Problem skin. Delicate and readily absorbed into the superficial layers of the skin. Useful treatment for premature aging, dry scaly skin conditions, excema, dandruff, psoriasis. Dilute.Walnut All skin types (dry) Excellent emollient, easily absorbed, useful for dry or irritated skin conditions. Dilute.
Sunflower All skin types High in Vitamin E. Moisturising, light and easily absorbed. Good carrier oil.
Olive All skin types Softens skin and attracts external moisture. Good barrier oil.
Apricot Kernal All skin types (delicate) Fast absorbing, skin softening properties, emollient, useful for delicate facial skin.
St John’s Wort (Macerate) All skin types (acne) Anti bacterial, anti viral, useful for burns, stings, minor skin irritations. Dilute.
Calendula (Macerate) All skin types (damaged). Soothing inflammation, healing damaged tissue, useful for nappy rash or cradle cap, inflamed acne, dehydrated, delicate and aging skin. Burns, slow healing wounds, herpes. excema.
Carrot (Macerate) All skin types (mature) Anti wrinkle, rejuvenating. Healing. Moisturising.
Yarrow (Macerate) All skin types (oily) Astringent, useful in the treatment of excema, pimples, oily skin conditions, varicose veins.
Rose Petal (Macerate) All skin types (delicate) Moisturising, healing and soothing, useful for delicate skin, thread veins, ideal all over emollient.
Shea Butter All skin types (dry) Protective and emollient, restores skins natural elasticity, useful for extreme dryness, scar tissue, dermatitis, excema. Softens, soothes improves quality.
Cocoa Butter All Skin types (dry) Anti oxidant, useful for dermatitis and dry skin conditions and for prevention of stretch marks. Moisturising and easily absorbed.

 In my next post I shall talk about using some of these oils to make a facial serum, including some recipes, so do check back.


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