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Monday, 11 October 2010

Problem Skin

Problem skin could be counted as one of the most debilitating afflictions that normally healthy human beings can suffer from. Any in-balance of the skin is likely to leave your complexion open to attack. And when problem skin occurs, it is usually on public view, so much so, that the sufferer may also develop psychological issues such as underconfidence, phobias, low self esteem etc.
Our skin is host to a myriad of flora and fauna that, under normal, healthy conditions help to maintain the balance of our complexion. A well balanced skin glows with health and feels supple and smooth with only the very rare occurrence of blemishes such as pimples. Because our skin is a reflection of our inner health (both mental and physical) it can change its appearance on a daily basis.
Therefore the first step in achieving a healthy complexion is to regulate your general health. Eat good food, plenty of fresh vegetables and drink lots of water, cut down on alcohol intake and stop smoking. Recreational drugs need to be consigned to the trash! Daily exercise is also recommended. Compliment this with a regular skin care routine that is 'tweaked' often enough to cope with stresses and strains of everyday life, and within a short period of time - even a couple of weeks - you will begin to see a marked improvement in your appearance.No, I am not saying that this alone will cure problem skin as serious as exzema or psoriasis. Of course not. These skin diseases are more complex than that. But if you begin with your over-all health and progress to trying the natural remedies suggested here then you are certainly giving yourself the best possible chance to improve the condition. It is important to remember that natural remedies work slowly, usually in a gentle way, but v-e-r-y sl-o-w-ly. If you have a really severe outbreak of exzema for example, of course you should go to your doctor, sometimes it is necessary to use the 'filthy-vile-chemical-concoction' in order to get the situation under control before you can revert to a natural routine.
But many hydrocortisone applications will cause the skin to thin over time and you could end up with a worse condition than the one you were trying to control. So it is important to discuss ALL options both natural and synthetic with your health professional so that you know exactly what your choices are.
Please note, I cannot diagnose skin conditions for you, do not contact me requesting advice or personal consultation - this isn't going to happen. The remedies suggested here have worked very well for 'some' sufferers with problem skin and are offered as possible natural solutions. It is up to you to evaluate the advice and decide if you wish to try it, if you have any concerns at all - discuss these with your health care professional
A word about stress Many skin ailments are exacerbated by the state of your mental health. Stress and anxiety have a very marked and quick effect on the appearance of the skin. I have known cases of chronic problem skin clear up because the person went through a course of therapy with a trained psychotherapist. Confidence building exercises are also very useful in the fight against skin disease, as is possessing a cheerful and positive disposition - do not laugh at the power of the mind!A word about using Organic Products- As much as I love to choose organic products, there is, to date, no real scientific proof that organic is better for you than a product made with non-organic ingredients. Of course I prefer organic ingredients and I believe that they are better for you - but to-date, science does not agree with me. I did promise not to perpetuate urban myths and half truths on this site - that does mean that sometimes you will read stuff that you disagree with.
But that's ok too!
Having said that... I personally believe that if you have a skin problem you should choose the most pure of natural ingredients to use in your skincare routine and you should 'attack' the problem on all fronts.
The first and the most 'popular' problem skin condition is ACNE.

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