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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Bathing without Bubbles!

Bathing without Bubbles for the Health of your Skin

You may think that the old fashioned once a week bathing routine has gone by the wayside. No, no, no! Well perhaps it has in your house. Nowadays we mostly shower once a day using shower gel or soap and think of a bath as an occasional aid to de-stressing. It is great for de-stressing but should not be left for the occasional pamper session. The once a week bath needs to make a come-back and establish itself firmly into your skincare routine.

This post is called bathing without bubbles... what have I got against bubbles you may ask? Well in general nothing, but in particular, substances called sodium laureth sulphate or SLS or SLES can be very drying for the skin.    These chemicals can be synthesised from natural sources such as plants and vegetables, but have undergone a great deal of 'jiggery pokery' in the lab. This can make them fall into the grey area between natural and non natural - it's down to your definition of what natural means to you.
Indeed you can get some very mild surfactants nowadays that cause much less skin problems than Sodium Laureth Sulphate - but it is up to you to decide whether ethically you wish to use it, and how often to use it, depending upon it's effects on your skin.

 If you suffer from very dry skin and your usual product of choice in the daily shower is something containing sodium laureth sulphate, then you would benefit from changing to a natural soap. I have known people stop using body lotions altogether simply because they changed to a natural soap and found their skin simply did not need moisturising to the same degree. It only takes a two week trial to discover if it works for you. What have you got to lose?

For your once a week pamper session you have many choices, again depending upon your skin type or your preference.

Bath salts are considered a little old-fashioned, but like many old-fashioned things - they really do work.
It is very simple to make your own bath salts and very easy to tailor the ingredients to suit your skintype.

Bath Oil is very much back in favour due I think to the increase in dry skin - following on from the use of too many soap-detergents like shower gels. It is very easy to make yourself and need not break the bank. Bath Tea This is perhaps the oldest additive you can add to your bath. The choice of herbs and flowers is vast so you are only hindered by your knowledge. Easy to follow instructions to make bath tea coming soon.

Bath Fizzies Sometimes called bath bombs or fairy dust, these fun bath products are among the simplest to make and can be made from the most natural of ingredients. 

Mustard Bath Get rid of those cold and wet wintertime blues with the ultimate in kick starting your personal central heating. The mustard bath is alive and well... but only in winter!

Bath Milk You don't have to be Cleopatra to discover the amazing benefits of bathing in milk - and if you use powdered milk you don't need to worry about it going off either!

Bath Melts Perhaps less well known than bath bombs but just as easy to make.

More recipes for bathing without bubbles coming soon!

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