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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bath Melt Recipe

Making a Bath Melt Could Not Be Easier!

A bath melt is definitely one of the easiest toiletry recipes to make at home. They are solid at room temperature and so can be stored in the bathroom cabinet ready to use. The principle is the same for all the recipes - you may find that only the base oil and essential oils change.

Use a cookie mould (mold) to set the melt or any other container that you think will give you the correct size. Some moulds intended for melt and pour soap also make good containers for melts.

Remember when you use the melt, the bath will become slippery so you should always exercise caution when getting in or out - and if you use essential oils do clean your bath thoroughly afterwards as they can discolour the bath!

Pam's Lavender Cocoa Butter & Honey Bath Melt

This was the very first bath melt recipe I invented. The lady it was created for worked with me at the time and suffered from chronic dry skin. She was delighted with the resultsIngredients
85g Cocoa Butter
5g Sweet Almond Oil
5g Honey
5g Powdered oatmeal
2ml Lavender Essential Oil  

Place all ingredients except the essential oils into a bain marie over a low heat until melted. A bain marie is a pot of water on the cooker top with another pot inside. You place the ingredients into the smaller pot and allow the heat from the water in the pot below to melt them. In this way the ingredients do not come into contact with direct heat.

Once the mixture has melted remove it from the heat and allow to cool until thick before adding the essential oils. Stir well and then pour into patty tins or something suitable for use as a mould. Cup cake papers can be nice too! Place the melts into the refrigerator to go hard. These bath melts do not set totally solid because of the honey, they were a bit like soft fudge.  If you prefer a harder product then simply leave out the honey from the recipe.To use
Crumble a small amount into the warm bath. It is not necessary to use the whole thing in one go (although you can if you want to!) In this way it will last for as many as three or four baths.

The above recipe is quite a small amount, but it is best to trial a small quantity first to make sure that you like it. If you do, you can always increase the recipe size for the next time!
To Vary Use different essential oils (check out the blends suggested in my more recent posts) or change the sweet almond oil for something more suited to your skin type.


  1. Another interesting thing to make. Can you tell me where can I buy the cocoa butter from and the powdered oatmeal?

  2. The powdered oatmeal is simple... I buy ordinary porridge oats and whizz them in a food processor until they are as powdery as I want. cocoa butter is available from several suppliers online... anywhere that sells soap supplies usually as well as some others... you could try or put 'buy cocoa butter' into google aong with your location and see if anything closer to home pops up.

  3. thank you for such a great recipe :)

  4. Hi there. I am looking at making a bath essence and heard that you can use fractioned coconut oil as a dispersant - have you had any experience with this or am I better sticking to Polysorbate 80?

    Thanks for a great site.

  5. Hi Alison, I have used fractionated coconut oil in the bath but it didn't really disperse the essential oils like Polysorbate does. it behaved just like any other oil by coating the edge of the bath. It is, however, arguably more natural than the Polysorbate... but you might as well use which or whatever oil you have in the cupboard in that case. You have to be sure to keep wiping the oil from the edge of the bath over your skin in order to get the benefit though... it's a matter of preference.

  6. Thank you Billie Jane, very useful as always. Your help is much appreciated. x

  7. hi, I took my bath melts out of the fridge after 24 hours and it startet to melt, so I had to put them back! does anyone know why? I didnt use honey and outmeal, would that make the difference? Thanks.

  8. Maybe the room temperature was too high


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