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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Take the Tears out of Hair Care

Next to the appearance of our skin our haircare routine is likely to cause more tears during a lifetime than anything else! A natural approach usually advocates simply living with those 'bad hair days'. There is a solution... but it does require a little re-thinking your approach to your hair, but with better understanding you can improve the health and appearance of your hair enormously.

When I was younger it was a bit unrealistic to walk into the hairdressers and point at a photograph of some gorgeous model and say  "I want my hair like that please".  But nowadays you can buy products that will do just about anything you want, from curling straight hair, straightening curled hair and de-frizzng the fuzzy, not to mention the hair dyes!! The world of wonderful hair would seem to be truly at your fingertips. But at a price... alas for some... it is very costly! Natural hair care is the hardest to get right and since your hair is often one of the first things people judge you on, important to get it right.

The most searched for words associated with hair care are 'split ends' or 'dull and lifeless hair'. Along with Bad Hair Day. Alot of the modern products we use to try and cure these problems will ultimately only add to them. Natural hair care isn't just about looking good, it's about the health of your hair and when you have healthy hair, looking good is often achieved so much more easily.

Natural Hair Care Begins with Grooming.

Grooming could be all you need to bring the natural beauty out of your hair. If we assume you are in good health, eat and drink healthily and are still wondering how to bring the life back into your hair then you should consider this.

I have three cats and each one of them has a different type of fur. They are all common Moggies, no pedigrees here, and they all spend a great deal of time on grooming, but each one has fur that feels different to the touch. One especially has the most gorgeous silky coat while another one has a rougher type of fur that although equally soft is not as silky to the touch. The third has silky fur but not as thick or as long as the first one. These differences are the result of the genes that they have inherited from their parents and the natural predisposition of each cat. In particular the cat with the rougher fur is arguably the most handsome of my cats with a very aristocratic almost Siamese shaped face but his fur is undeniably not as pleasant to stroke as the smallest and most silky of my feline friends. No matter how long he spends on grooming his fur he is never going to have the same silky coat as Molly.

So it is with each of us. Some of you will have hair that is naturally shiny, soft and glossy, others will have hair that grows wiry and thick, thin and flyaway or coarse and heavy.

Some people have naturally weak hair no matter what they do, others seem able to mistreat their hair regularly with little damage done.

This is down to your genes and you need to accept this (no amount of grooming will change your hair type) and look for the positive in whatever nature has has given you. I do not mean that you cannot improve on what you have to start with… but just in the same way that you cannot be someone you are not… there will inevitably be some hair types and styles that you can never achieve.

Over the next few days I will be posting more about how to care for your hair naturally, including recipes that may work for you.  I know a few of my readers may be thinking 'where's the soap stuff?  This is after all supposed to be the Soap Teacher'.  Yes there will be more soap stuff coming, eventually.  I just need to get a lot of this stuff online first and then we shall be concentrating on recipes rather than the theory behind it all.


  1. look forward to that. I have not used a hair colour in over a year now so I am white with grey streaks. My hair seems thinner and it is difficult to always get it shiny, so I am awaiting your next blogs

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